Beyond Grades: Scholarships Recognizing Community Service in Eye Care


While academic excellence is often a key consideration for scholarships, there are also opportunities available for aspiring eye care professionals who demonstrate a commitment to community service and making a difference in the field of eye care. Say’s Dr. Wes Heroman, these scholarships recognize individuals who go above and beyond in contributing to their communities and promoting eye health and vision care. In this article, we explore scholarships that extend beyond grades and highlight the importance of community service in the field of eye care.

Scholarships Recognizing Community Service in Eye Care

1. Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Community Eye Care Residency Awards: These awards recognize residents who demonstrate exceptional dedication to providing eye care services to underserved communities. Recipients are selected based on their community service efforts, leadership qualities, and commitment to advancing eye health.

2. Essilor Vision Foundation Student Volunteer of the Year Award: This award honors optometry students who have made significant contributions to community eye care through volunteer work and outreach initiatives. Recipients are recognized for their dedication to improving access to vision care services for underserved populations.

3. VSP Global® Eyes of Hope® Student Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity (SVOSH) Scholarship: SVOSH chapters at optometry schools across the country organize vision care missions to underserved communities both domestically and internationally. This scholarship recognizes students who actively participate in SVOSH missions and demonstrate a commitment to serving those in need.

4. American Academy of Optometry Foundation Beta Sigma Kappa (BSK) Student Travel Fellowship for Public Health and Community Service: This fellowship supports optometry students who engage in public health initiatives and community service projects related to eye care. Recipients receive financial assistance to attend the annual meeting of the American Academy of Optometry and present their community service work.

5. Prevent Blindness: Joanne Angle Investigator Award: This award recognizes individuals conducting research aimed at preventing blindness and preserving vision. While not specifically a scholarship, it acknowledges the importance of research in advancing eye health and offers funding to support innovative projects with the potential to make a significant impact.


Community service plays a vital role in the field of eye care, enabling aspiring professionals to give back to their communities and make a difference in the lives of others. Scholarships recognizing community service efforts provide valuable support and recognition to individuals who demonstrate a commitment to improving access to eye care services and promoting eye health initiatives. Aspiring eye care professionals are encouraged to seek out opportunities for community service and volunteer work, as these experiences not only benefit others but also enrich their personal and professional development. By prioritizing community service and actively contributing to the well-being of others, students can make a meaningful impact in the field of eye care and enhance their eligibility for scholarships that recognize their efforts beyond grades.

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